Opportunity Knocks St. Patricks Day Parade

By Alex & Tori

Look at everyone having a great time at the Forest Park St. Patricks Day Parade with Opportunity Knocks and Greenline Wheels.


Kassica’s Graduation & Birthday Party

By Claire & Tori

Kassica graduated from Oak Park River Forest High School. Everyone was so proud of Kassica. Take a look at everyone having fun.

Year in Review: Memorial Day

My nephew and niece with Jarvis.

This is my brother's car.

By John C.

Memorial Day had fireworks and a parade. It is a holiday where people can wear hats that look like the United States flag.

It was hot this day. I walked in the parade. Jarvis, my brothers Chuck, Phil and Mike, Eliza and other people were there. I had fun because it was a party.

This is the flag of Opportunity Knocks!

Year in Review: Cook-Off Challenge

Friends having fun.

By G-Force

The Chili Cook-Off is where everybody brings chili. Each group wins something. The winner gets a trophy. It was also a fundraiser.

Everybody ate chili and drank. It was the Bears versus the Packers. It was crowded. This was also the day JV had a basketball tournament.

The chili was the best! My favorite chili was my mom’s chili. It was amazing.

The Carmody team.

They were the winners.

Year in Review: The OK Classic

By Dana W. & Andrew E.

The OK Classic was a softball tournament to raise money for Opportunity Knocks and the KG Scholarship Fund. They had security, food and great softball games. It was a lot of fun. People paid to put other people in jail.

Camp Memories

By Jessica W.

Horizon is a nonprofit camp that accepts donations to support our camp every year. It has been around for 20 years. I have been to Horizon Camp for only two years, but I have a lot of memories. The first time I went I felt welcome. Our slogan is “No one has a disability, everyone has ability so let’s find it.” Some things I enjoy are Karaoke, arts and crafts, spa day and boat ride. I hope that Horizon camp will be around for a lot more years to come because I really love it there.

I started going to Inspiration Camp in 2004 when I was referred by a friend. I became a Christian there with daily bible study. We also did bowling, horseback riding, boat rides, games and a banquet and talent show. My favorite activities were the banquet and tallent show because it was a good way to end camp. I am sad that inspiration camp recently closed. I pray that my friends will be optimistic during this difficult time and find the right camp for them.

Camp Rock Movie Poll

By Georgia H.

Loyal Chicago Sports Fan

By Jarvis H.

I grew up a huge Chicago sports fan. I love my Chicago Bulls, Bears, Blackhawks, White Sox, Notre Dame football, Illinois basketball and Depaul basketball. I am a sports historian and fan. I watch ESPM and Comcast Sports Net Chicago.

Chicago sports teams win championships. The Bulls won six NBA championships, the Blackhaws won four Stanley Cups, the White Sox won three World Series and the Chicago Bears won the 1985 Super Bowl.

Chicago has great sports rivalries like Chicago vs. Detroit, White Sox vs. Tigers, Blackhawks vs. Red Wings, Bulls vs. Pistons and Bears vs. Lions. I don’t like Detroit sports teams. I am a true Chicago sports fan!

The Chicago Bulls

By Jessica W.

I have been a fan of the Bulls since I was real young. Ever since the Jordan era the Chicago Bulls have held a special place in my heart. I love the enrgy that they bring to the game. They never give up and that inspires me. I always watch the Bulls on TV and I love going to see them live. I love going to the United Center to see them play better because you can win free Bulls t-shirts. The lovable cheerleaders and all the halftime performers rock. I love Benny Da Bull too. And last but not least, I love the food there.

I hope the bulls win. They have been one of my favorite teams for a long time because they worked really hard to get where they need to be. I will always be the number 1 Bulls fan beacuse they have good spirit, skills, sportsmanship, etc. This will never change and I will love the Bulls Forever.

Questions about life

By Georgia H.

What is your favorite band? My favorite band is The Black Eyed Peas. What do you like about Facebook? I love the pictures that my friends posted. What is your favorite food? My favorite food is veggie burgers. What is your favorite book? My favorite book is the Harry Potter Series. hat is your favorite station on the radio? My favorite station is of course Radio Disney—1300.

Friendship is Love

By Georgia H.

I have made lots of friends and met teachers and staff. They help me to get better every day. I want to give a shout out to the Carmody family and say thanks for inviting me to OK because it means family and community.

I love my family and Friends. I like hanging out with Charlie and Patrick in my spare time. For the holidays I am decorating my tree, singing Christmas carols, spending time with my family and friends including the Carmody family.

I’ve known Patrick since I was 4 years old. He is my main brother. We hang out like go biking, shoot hoops, Facebook at my house and have Wii parties. I have also met new friends along the way.