Rock and Roll All Day Long

By: Karina

MY Favorite music is Rock and Roll. I love listening to the Beach Boys and Elvis Presley. I also like the Beatles and the Birds. I wish they were all still making music, because they were all so great!




BY Maddy and Claire

Pinterest has good ideas for art projects.On pinterest you can post creative picture of things you make.I made cool paper mache ball using pinterest. If you are ever bored, go on pinterest to find fun and easy projects to do. If you have a cool idea, post it on pinterestImage.Image


By Desiree Rivo

This is the second time that tennis has been offered as a hobby at Opportunity Knocks and for a fun introduction we played badminton! The Warriors learned some badminton basics such as the the proper way to hold the birdie and serve it over the net. It was very exciting to see everyone improve their hand eye coordination between weeks one and two. We also had a great time playing with over-sized rackets and giant shuttlecocks as well as foam tennis balls that were, to our surprise, explosively bouncy.

To end our two weeks of badminton the Warriors learned simple tennis scoring and rules. We answered the questions “how many points do you need to win a game?”, “how many points do you have if your score is love?” and more. The Warriors will jump into tennis this upcoming Thursday.