Warriors get Serious about Gardening!

By Stephanie Budd

In this session of gardening, the warriors gained a greater awareness of where our food comes from and how to take care of it as it grows! We were able to make multiple harvests of broccoli, snap peas, lettuce, and arugula. Through all of our tastings and harvesting, the warriors gained a stronger sense of how wonderful fresh, local, and organic vegetables can taste! This inspired us to take a field trip over to the Juice Joint at Good Earth Cafe, where we sipped on Wild Thing smoothies while shopping for some flowers for the garden – It was a fantastic day! Many thanks to the Juice Joint for helping us get our healthy choices on!

Thats not the only venture that our gardening crew took this session! In the last week of our second Spring session, our gardeners teamed up with Little Bits Workshop in sending a Craftivist Heart Message to the River Forest Community. The Heart Message was crafted to promote acceptance and respect for people with Disabilities. Our Warriors jumped right in to replanting two planter boxes on Lake St in River Forest. At the end of the day, and at the end of Spring Session 2, our Warriors left with a sense of pride in their accomplishments and happiness in their hearts. Thanks Little Bits Workshop!


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