Welcome to This Week at Opportunity Knocks!

I am proud to present our new medium for connecting family and friends to the exciting things we do at programs: a blog! This new medium will allow us to post photos of better quality and in real time (a certain executive director is eager to utilize the amazing capabilities of his new iPod Touch). It will also allow for the availability of videos blogs and different perspectives at Opportunity Knocks. What did Warrior Dana think of bowling and pizza last Friday? How did friend and volunteer Jarvis become so involved with the organization? You’re all going to have to stay tuned to find out!

Check out our main pages for important documents including program brochures, event fliers, and the original parent newsletters as well as links to articles about Opportunity Knocks published on other internet sources. You will find everything from the photos of the Warriors learning martial arts last week to the WGN video coverage of the 2011 Tee-it-Up. This blog is I intended to be a more interactive way to show the world what great fun and achievement we experience year-round and we hope you enjoy each visit!


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