Autism Awareness

By Jarvis Hart

I’m a role model for people with autism. When I was a little kid I had autism.

I want to fight for autism. Autism is a disorder of neural development characterized by impaired social interaction and communication, restricted and repetitive behavior. I want to help kids with autism be great and independent.

They can do anything they want in their life. I am helping kids by being a great role model. I am a great speaker for autism. I want to help high school and college kids with autism go to college, graduate, and be independent.


Fall Session 1: Wednesday Community Service

For their service project this session the Warriors have decided to plan and host a Halloween Party with the children of Seguin Services as guests of honor. The party will take place on Friday October 28th from 6:30 until 9:00 at the River Forest Community Center. The Warriors have brainstormed and voted on having costume contests, limbo contests, a DJ, a spooky room and more! For more information, find the event flyer here. Continue reading for photos of the Warriors putting up decorations.

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Me and Mike Carmody

By Jarvis Hart

I became a volunteer for Opportunity Knocks through Mike Carmody. At the 2011 Night for Opportunities Gala I won the volunteer of the year award. I cried and gave him a hug.

I’ve known Mike Carmody since Junior High. I met him at John Carmody’s house. He is my brother from another family. Mike is athletic. We play softball together. He is also a teacher. He is my mentor and my role model.

Nice one, RFCC!

River Forest Community Center and Opportunity Knocks will be hosting an Annual Halloween Party on Friday, October 28th from 6:30 until 9:00 PM. Come dressed in your most “spooktacular” costume and join us for a fun-filled night! Find the event flyer here!

Admission is $5 per child between the ages 2 through 14 years and includes carnival games, tasty treats, temporary tattoos, a costume contest, a limbo contest, a spooky room, face painting and raffles. The concession stand will be serving hotdogs, chips, popcorn and more.

In addition, Opportunity Knocks will be accepting donations for Seguin’s Child Care & Foster  Care Program. Bring in new or gently used items including but not limited to  coats, hats, gloves, scarves, PG-13 movies, and art supplies (brushes, paint, sponges, chalk, paper and receive 10 FREE food or game tickets. Hope to see you there!

Fall Session 1: Monday Flag Football

Mondays at Opportunity Knocks are dedicated to recreation and fitness. Many of the Warriors are greatly interested and evidently very talented in various sports. So in the spirit of the season our main activity for Mondays this Fall session is none other than flag football! The participants have been assigned to three different groups two of whom will face each other at Washington Park. The third group leaves the community center to visit the YMCA. These three groups rotate each week so that everyone has a chance to play football and join in on a fitness class.

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Welcome to This Week at Opportunity Knocks!

I am proud to present our new medium for connecting family and friends to the exciting things we do at programs: a blog! This new medium will allow us to post photos of better quality and in real time (a certain executive director is eager to utilize the amazing capabilities of his new iPod Touch). It will also allow for the availability of videos blogs and different perspectives at Opportunity Knocks. What did Warrior Dana think of bowling and pizza last Friday? How did friend and volunteer Jarvis become so involved with the organization? You’re all going to have to stay tuned to find out!

Check out our main pages for important documents including program brochures, event fliers, and the original parent newsletters as well as links to articles about Opportunity Knocks published on other internet sources. You will find everything from the photos of the Warriors learning martial arts last week to the WGN video coverage of the 2011 Tee-it-Up. This blog is I intended to be a more interactive way to show the world what great fun and achievement we experience year-round and we hope you enjoy each visit!